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    The Suzuki Swift offers comfort, economy, ergonomics, impeccable driving behavior and top safety for its passengers. It has a 1,250cc petrol engine with an output of 92 ps for good performance, reliability and fuel economy at the same time. For the comfort and safety of the 5 passengers, it has ABS and all the basic electronic traction systems, front and side airbags, Air Condition, sound system and a 260 liter trunk. For an affordable Open Top car driving experience the best choice is the beautiful super minis, which are comfortable and stylish. Open Top Car Rentals are ideal for parking and very flexible in rush hour traffic on congested city streets. Open Top Car Rental is famous for its low cost of fuel consumption as well as its efficiency. The Peugeot 108 is an excellent choice with a light and comfortable steering wheel and good visibility that combines style, efficiency and practicality. By choosing an Automatic Economy Car you can tour Crete with ease and comfort as it frees you from the constant use of the clutch and gearbox. In cities where stopping and starting the car in busy streets is a common occurrence, Automatic Car Rentals emerge as a unique and less stressful experience for the driver. Also, Auto Economy Cars prevent the car from rolling backwards when starting from standstill on uphill journeys. All our Economy Cars have 4 doors, 5 passenger seats and a basic luggage compartment